Club Highlights

- 150 Yard Rifle Range,
- 50 Yard Handgun Range,
- .22 Silhouette Range,
- 3D Archery Range,
- Trap Range Approved 2015
- DNR Firearm Courses,
- Ranges Open Year Around,
- Modern Club House,
- Interesting Guest Speakers

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3D Archery Range Status: Closed Indefinitely

“Archery Range is now closed indefinitely due to a lack of interest and volunteers.”


12 stations now contain 3D targets and each station has the shooting position marked/identified by hunter orange tape. Broadheads are not permitted to be used on the 3D targets. Don’t forget to sign in using the sign in sheet at the Archery Shed using your member number as an identifier.

Please review and make sure you understand The Range Rules which have been posted on the wall of the archery shed. Please read and abide by these rules at all times.

A FIRST AID KIT can be found at the Archery Shed.

Crossbows can be used as well as bows on both the sight-in range and the 3D range.

Guests must follow the same procedures as guest shooting firearms except there are no requirements for a Pal/Pol.

It is important to note that your membership card allows you to transport your bow or crossbow to and from the range as long as it is encased.

Broadheads cannot be used on the 3D range but can be used on the sight-in range if members bring their own broadhead compatible targets.

Score sheets have been provided and can be found on the wall of the shooting shed. The score sheets indicate the yardage for each target when shot from the marked shooting position. If and when we run a competitive shoot the yardage may not be shown but for our purposes archers may use range finders or binoculars and they may also go forward to observe the scoring positions on each target before shooting. The scoring system will also be shown on the back of each scorecard.

After shooting the course should you have any comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us.

The following is a listing of the targets currently in place;

  • Station 1 – Wild Boar – 17 yards
  • Station 2 – Deer – 20 yards
  • Station 3 – Coyote – 21 yards
  • Station 4 – Black Bear – 25 yards
  • Station 5 – Red Fox – 25 yards
  • Station 6 – Wild Turkey – 22 yards
  • Station 7 – Wild Turkey – 26 yards
  • Station 8 – Canada Goose – 15 yards
  • Station 9 – Woodchuck – 20 yards
  • Station 10 – Red Fox – 23 yards
  • Station 11 – Beaver – 18 yards
  • Station 12 – Woodchuck – 20 yards

Shooters should note, that should we have a competitive target shoot, distances will change and not be quoted and range finders will not be permitted.

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