Club Highlights

- 150 Yard Rifle Range,
- 50 Yard Handgun Range,
- .22 Silhouette Range,
- 3D Archery Range,
- Trap Range Approved 2015
- DNR Firearm Courses,
- Ranges Open Year Around,
- Modern Club House,
- Interesting Guest Speakers

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Orientation Policy for Using the Long Gun (Rifle) Range

1. When a Member arrives and unlocks the gate, it is required that the gate
be relocked immediately. When leaving, the gate must be locked again. It is
very important that the combination numbers to open the lock are not left
visible in place, and that the tumblers are rotated.

2. The range safety flag must be hoisted and the shooting notice board
must indicate that there is shooting activity taking place, as soon as
shooters arrive on the range.

3. Members must sign in on the Shooting Log and also indicate their
departure times. This is a requirement for all shooting.

4. Members may bring their firearms (rifles) into the shooting hut, and place
them in the rifle rack before setting up targets. The rifles’ actions must be in
the open position at all times except when actually shooting.

Shotguns nor handguns are NOT permitted to be used on the rifle range.
There are two other ranges designated for this activity.

5. If more than one person is simultaneously engaged in shooting one
person must act as a Range Officer.

6. Hearing and eye protection is mandatory for all persons on the range.

7. After targets have been set up and it has been determined that there are
no persons on the range and it is safe to shoot, shooting may commence
under the control of the Range Officer.

8. When shooting has been completed for the day, target frames must be
returned to storage areas, old targets must be placed into the garbage bin,
and only expended brass shall be deposited into the brass collection
container (or removed from the range) The facilities must be left in a clean
and tidy manner.

9. No live or malfunctioning ammunition shall be left on the range or club
property. The owner shall dispose of it in a responsible and safe manner.

10. The range flag must be lowered and returned to storage and the
shooting notice sign must indicate that there is no shooting activity taking

11. During the winter period, the shutters shall be closed and secured to
prevent snow from entering into the shooting hut.

Issued by the Long Gun Range Committee / rev Nov 2011

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